Monday, May 11

A Few Words About The Chokeberry

The chokeberry berries are processed manually or mechanically from mid August. In addition to minerals and trace elements (potassium, calcium and iron), chokeberry berries naturally have a high content of prebiotic pectin and polyphynols (anthocycans). In the former USSR, the chokeberry = aronia berry was considered to be a medicinal plant because of its ingredients, which are also valuable for medicine.

Incidentally, nothing but a myth is served by all those who praise the natural state of the "wild chokeberry berry. Even if the opposite is repeatedly claimed: There is no reasonable evidence to date that the consumption of antioxidants prevents diseases or even cures them. Their ingredients are said to protect against cancer and dementia, and they are even said to prevent ageing. The berry and its products are a matter of taste, the health benefits are not superior to other fruits.

The secret for its intensity lies in Austria: The mineral-rich soils, the clean air and the large temperature differences (between day and night) of the country give the so-called alpine chokeberry its unique flavour. You can conjure all of this from chokeberries: Our chokeberry berries are often eaten pure because of their bitter substances. No matter whether you want to pamper your skin with our care products or rather spoil your palate with the chokeberry treats: In this webshop you will find healthy and natural products based on chokeberry.

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