Monday, May 11

Aronia Berry Products For Healthy Living

The aronia berries seem to be good for diabetics as they have little sweetness, but nibbling these hard dried pellets like raisins is not for people with normal taste buds. In addition to a schnapps, the couple also produce a gin made with aronia berries for the grocery trade.

In view of the high prices for chokeberry products, this is a very inexpensive way to get the coveted berry. What we say to this is that, provided there is no allergy or chronic iron deficiency, the chokeberry can do no harm. However, this also means that people with anaemia or haemoglobin deficiency should not eat chokeberry berries.

Dried chokeberry berries taste good not only as a fruity component in muesli, but also after a short soaking time. Until you can bring in your own harvest, the power of the chokeberry berry can also be enjoyed wonderfully in dried form or as juice. For this reason they are one of the worst enemies of the body, as they are responsible for the development of most diseases.

Tasty chokeberry juices and the dried fruits, which are reminiscent of raisins, are available all year round and are also better suited for regular consumption due to their lower content of prussic acid. You don't have to wait until September, when the dark blue berries are ripe and can be harvested. The numerous healthy ingredients of the aronia berries have earned it the reputation of a medicinal plant with astonishing effects.

The setting distance is also important, because if this is not observed exactly, mechanical harvesting cannot be guaranteed. Among other things, juices, jams, teas and wines are prepared from chokeberry berries. What is particularly interesting about anthocyanins is that no negative effects are known so far - even if they were used in very high doses.

A number of other positive effects are attributed to the aronia berry: Among other things, it is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect, and in the USA, urinary tract diseases and various heart complaints are treated with chokeberry. However, chokeberry berries are rarely eaten raw, as they are extremely acidic and do not taste very good.

There is a large selection of local berries and every variety of berry tastes different - those who take advantage of the opportunity in summer and buy different varieties or collect them themselves can enjoy an excellent nutrient mix. The phenol contained in chokeberry berries is said to have an enormous effect on preventing the proliferation of cancer cells. A particularly important aspect in this context is that the chokeberry berry can actively prevent thrombocytes from clumping together - which minimises the risk of stroke and protects against cardiovascular diseases.

The vitality-promoting chokeberry berry is used for such diverse complaints that it deserves the nickname "health berry".

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